Native American Battles

Native American Battles

These resources are made available to students and educators to encourage learning about the American Indian Wars, a period of nearly 400 years across which 819 conflicts occurred. They examine the details of these events by state, over time, in “hierarchies,” and more.

Information on how to interpret these resources is often found within the resources themselves (see the sidebar description within the interactive map or the second slide of the “Wars as Hierarchies” video). They are intended for use in the classroom or as supplements to curriculum and other research. More information and suggested presentation for educators is available upon request. If you find mistakes or missing events, have questions about which events were included or left out, are curious where this history was found, have feedback or concerns, etc., please email

This project was created by Grace Gardiner to encourage learning about an important but often forgotten piece of American History. Grace is the winner of more than 20 awards and several scholarships, including a four-year full-ride to the University of Idaho’s Honors Program. She has an Associate’s degree in Anthropology and will begin a Bachelor’s in the same field this fall. For more information, visit, and use password ‘grace’ to log in.

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