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We offer many programs, exhibits, and events throughout the year for the community. Many of these are free to the public to enjoy or join.  Below lists descriptions and some links to more information about our core community programming.  Looking for events or programs to join? Check out our events calendar!

Current Featured Gallery Exhibit

Our historic space offers a gallery that is open to the public Monday – Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.  

Human Right Consortium

Our goal and purpose to join this consortium is to promote and protect human rights in our north Idaho communities. We will encourage research into the sources of inequality and contribute to broad and pervasive human rights education. To achieve this vital community education, the Consortium will actively collaborate with, and support the ongoing mission and efforts of the Human Rights Education Institute, a partner in this consortium.

Love Lives Here

We ask businesses and community members to commit to welcoming all. We are here to raise community awareness around hate group organizations infiltrating our local area and spreading discriminatory messaging. By educating our business community, and our community at large, about these groups and giving our community the tools needed to report any incidents, we hope to build a culture of inclusivity and safety to strengthen our economy and overall reputation.

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We aim to share a message of positivity with the world. We, the undersigned business owners and concerned citizens of Kootenai County, are committed to upholding and protecting the civil and human rights of all individuals regardless of their race, creed, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin or immigration status. In our community we believe in love, unity, and inclusivity. We believe in equity and respect for not only all Idahoans, but all people on this great Earth. The message of hate has no place here. We believe in freedom and liberty but there is no freedom or liberty unless everyone is treated equally. We declare that all are welcome here!

The Love Lives Here CDA campaign has partnered with the Human Rights Education Institute (HREI), Western States Center and North Idaho Pride Alliance. The effort of the campaign will initially be aimed at local businesses, organizations, and local public officials. By signing on to the Love Lives Here CDA declaration, businesses and concerned citizens can take a stand against discrimination and declare that all are welcome. The declaration is also a call to action and a promise to defend the safety and security of everyone who lives in and visits Coeur d’Alene. Those who sign will receive a Love Lives Here CDA window sticker to display and a rapid response resource guide.

For more information on Love Lives Here and how to pledge your support or fund this campaign, visit

Human Library

The Human Library™ is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue. It is an opportunity to open individuals’ minds in a positive way, and helping understand their fears they may have of others. The Human Library is a place where real people are on loan to readers. It is a place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated, and answered.

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Ordinary people like you and I, who have a different story to tell. They could be homeless now, or in the past, a refugee from multiple areas of the world, a recovering alcoholic, an individual with a disability, or a parent of a disabled child, the disability could be someone with anxiety, bipolar, depression, or a physical disability, a victim of child abuse (over 18 years old), a victim of human trafficking, an African American, a transgender individual, and the list is infinite.

The Human Library gives the options of helping people understand other individuals’ ways of life that they may have never had the opportunity exploring. It helps people understand fears that they may have about others and open their mind in a positive way. The Human Library is an educational opportunity by bringing in real live people as the teachers of their own stories and way of life.

At recent remote events, we have featured these books and more:

“Coming out Every Day”
“Life in a Wheelchair”
“A Youth Abandoned”
“In a Depressive Haze”
“A Boy From Dharamsala”
“Baha’i: My Spiritual Journey”
For more information on Human Library, please contact .

Nominate a Human Rights Hero

Who is your Human Rights Hero?

We all know that special person.  Your Human Rights Hero might be your minister, scout leader, parent or even your brother-in-law.  She/he might be your teacher, doctor, neighbor or a volunteer you know at a local non-profit.

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The Human Rights Education Institute is on a journey to promote human rights for every person regardless of their background or circumstance. We need your help to identify the heroes among us to give them the recognition they deserve.

  • Who is the person you know that is making a difference in the world?
  • How does this individual, by their words and deeds, give respect to everyone they meet regardless of any differences?
  • What are the qualities in that person that you admire and respect?

Later this year our panel of judges will assemble to select the community heroes for each category.  The winners of Hero of the Year will be honored at our annual Human Rights Day Celebration at the end of the year.  The categories available are:

Award Category Region for each Category
Elementary Student Eastern Washington
Middle School Student Northern Idaho
High School Student Western Montana
College Student
Senior (55+)

Additionally, the local heroes will be recognized on our website, Facebook page, and local media.

At a time when cultural, political and religious differences across our country and around the world are constantly emphasized we need to be reminded of the importance of the people who practice human rights everyday, and teach us to respect each other and appreciate diversity. Help us identify those who are bringing meaning to our community.

Click to nominate your Human Rights Hero!

Family Movies

Family movie nights in the park are a cherished HREI community event. Family Movie nights are sponsored by the Coeur d’Alene Police Department, with pre-movie activities provided by HREI. Please visit our event calendar to see upcoming dates.

the Higher Education Resources & Opportunities Program (H.E.R.O. Program)

In coordination with the AmeriCorps VISTA Project, “Better Futures for Idaho Youth” and under the sponsorship of United Way of North Idaho, the H.E.R.O. program is grant-funded by the Avista Foundation, Rotary Club of Coeur d’Alene Evening, Rotary District 5080 and is designed to connect with individuals who are 16 to 25 years old that are struggling with career and college choices that in turn may lead to long term financial instability.

HREI partnership with Pacers Antibullying

‘The ‘I Am’ Program

‘I Am’ is a year-round program primarily for foster and adopted youth, limited income, LGBTQ+, and other youth (entering grades 5 – 8) and their families who are underserved in Bonner and Kootenai counties. ‘I Am’ is a community collaborative program, which includes various strategies such as nature immersion, circumspection and conscientiousness skill building, and multicultural education.

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In keeping with the ‘I Am’ programs’ foundational concept of multiculturalism, the curriculum includes various activities from different cultural and ethnic regions and backgrounds. All program activities are drawn from the fields of education and psychology, are therapeutic in nature, and designed to meet the overall program objective of building cultural and self identity.

‘I Am’ program participants will experience various outdoor activities with our numerous adventure partners including NIC Outdoor Pursuits and Dog-smile Adventures. Activities include sailing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, and fishing.

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