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Volunteer and internship opportunities at

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Volunteer Opportunities

Your talent and time make the difference in the work we do at HREI. We have many volunteer opportunities, and we would enjoy sharing these with you. We look forward to working with you to help promote our mission of teaching human rights, diversity, equality, and respect for all. For more information, please stop by our location, 414 W. Fort Grounds Dr., Coeur d’Alene, or contact us.

We have numerous volunteer opportunities, and this is just a basic list of our current needs. If you have other ideas or areas of interest, please share with us!

All Ages

Greeters & Facility Tours

Greet all visitors when they arrive at HREI, offer a tour of the facility and its exhibits. Share your enthusiasm for HREI, and tell the visitors about all of our upcoming events. Saturday volunteers are also needed. In low-volume times, there are many things to do, including writing thank-you letters, human-rights scrapbooking, and general office duties.

Fundraising Volunteers

Educating and transforming our community takes funds. We are always looking for help with grant writing. Volunteers can also play an important role in helping to implement fundraising events. Volunteer at our “Mad Hatter Tea Party” in May or for our annual HREI Benefit Golf Tournament at Circling Raven Golf Course in July. We need volunteers to sell tickets ahead of time, and to provide support on the day of the event. Opportunities to assist in planning and volunteering for other fundraisers will also enable these volunteers to make a big difference.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants help with the day-to-day administrative duties in the office, such as answering phones, writing letters and thank-you notes, filing, and copying. Volunteers in this position may use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs to complete office projects.

Resource Assistant

Resource Assistants help manage and organize resources in the HREI Resource Library. These volunteers also assist with researching and locating new resources such as books, videos, and activities that cover topics of interest to educators and other members of our community.

Collection Assistant

Collection Assistants help catalog and organize artifacts of cultural and/or historical significance. Collection items are used for HREI exhibitions and education outreach.

Facility & Grounds Maintenance

Maintenance Workers help keep the exhibit rooms, offices, restrooms and immediate outside areas clean and tidy for visitors and staff. Maintenance tasks include cleaning sinks and floors, vacuuming carpets, emptying trash bins, restocking restrooms, and sweeping outside walkways.

18 +

Activity Leader

Activity Leaders help at HREI or community events by performing set-up and/or takedown for events, greeting visitors at the events, and assisting visitors with completing an activity or craft prepared for the events.

Community Liaison

Community Liaisons are critical in our efforts to raise awareness of human rights issues in our community and inspire transformation. Community Liaisons partner with community businesses, high school human rights clubs, or other community organization.  Ability to speak in front of small groups and do presentations is beneficial for this position.  These volunteers help bring HREI resources to the public, as well as inform HREI on how we can better fill the community’s needs.  These volunteers also manage and prepare materials needed for the presentations they provide.

Outreach Program Coordinator

Outreach Program Coordinators implement educational programs for regional K-12 students at various locations and/or provide a community night with family-friendly projects for children of all ages. These volunteers also manage and prepare materials needed for programming.

Grant Writer

Grant Writers research grants and prepare proposals to obtain grant funding. Since funding for special projects, regular programming and operational expenses is vital, HREI is always in need of volunteers who have grant writing experience.

Social Media Assistant

Social Media Assistants post and share content such as images, text, or videos to social media platforms to inform the community about HREI events or topics of interest. These volunteers help ensure events are published and shared in a timely manner through the appropriate media channels.

Internship and Work Study Opportunities

Interns assist in the development and management of meaningful programs and supportive services and help deliver the programs, events, and activities that make our community a stronger place.  We work closely with interns to match their learning goals with learning opportunities at HREI.  We partner with higher education to provide a learning environment to the Interns and with the community to match mentors with Interns.

Please view specific opportunities and descriptions below. If you are interested in applying for an internship, or know someone who might be interested, please contact us.

Students who qualify for Work Study are encouraged to apply for an internship with HREI in the areas of program development, resource development, finance, accounting, and marketing. You will be paired with a mentor from the community and will be supervised by our Executive Director.

Program Intern

Interns will work with the Executive Director and Education Committee to learn to develop and implement educational programs that focus on celebrating the diversity in our community. Interns will also learn to develop education projects that utilize technology.

Marketing Intern

Marketing Interns will learn the process for branding a product and distributing the new brand out to the community through a variety of media.  Interns will learn how to set up fundraising and program events and market those to the public, aligning that with the HREI brand.  Interns will learn different communication tools to use in an effort to connect with community leaders and agencies to develop ties with the community.

Public Relations Intern

Intern will work closely with the Executive Director to learn how to develop press releases and identify media channels and developing relationships with those channels based on programming. Intern will also work with HREI community partners, Marketing Committee and Resource Development Committee.

Information Systems Intern

Manage HREI website and social media.  Work with the Executive Director and Marketing Committee for cohesive social media message. Interns will gain skills in posting events on Eventbrite, Facebook and other developing social media sites. Interns will have the opportunity to participate in Administration and Marketing Committee meetings.

Resource Development Intern

The Resource Development Intern will work with the Resource Development Committee and the Executive Director to work on fundraising campaigns, research funding sources and write grants. The Intern will also assist with overall budget and event budgets. Learning goals will focus on developing funding sources for operational needs, as well as individual program needs. The Intern will develop skills in communicating with potential donors and sustaining donors. Grant writing is also an opportunity for learning to search funding sources, literature searches to develop the grant proposal and detailing administrative guidelines for a grant.

The Human Rights Education Institute is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer that promotes the free exchange of ideas in an environment that celebrates the dignity, worth, and contributions of all individuals. In that spirit, we seek a broad spectrum of candidates including women, people from all cultural backgrounds, and individuals with disabilities.

The Human Rights Education Institute is an At Will employer.

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