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Pride Month

Every June the LGBTQ+ community celebrates Pride Month to raise awareness and promote acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and beyond. This year HREI is celebrating Pride Month with the North Idaho Pride Alliance’s CDA4Pride Campaign. The goal of their campaign is to raise awareness, have visible local pride representation, and create meaningful opportunities to engage with LGBTQ people, allies, and community partners. Together we can work to build a more inclusive North Idaho!

Pride Resources

North Idaho Pride Alliance

Our partners at NIPrideAlliance offer a variety of resources and information for members of the community in the North Idaho area. Visit their website to see their curated listings.


Community Panel and Annual Chili TAsting

We need to be willing to have tough conversations. It is not enough, and has never been enough to be simply “not racist,” we must be vehemently anti-racist. We have to be willing to do the hard work to put an end to brutality, to racism, to inequities.

HREI is sponsoring a panel discussion on the Black Lives Matter movement in our region. Together local city and county representatives and people of color from your communities answer questions, tell their stories, and find solutions to move past racial disparities and into a new change in culture and systems.

This session will be filmed and in-person attendance is limited. For more information and to register for the event visit our Eventbrite listing at the link below.

A Place in the Middle

A Strength-based Approach to Gender Diversity and Inclusion

A PLACE IN THE MIDDLE is the true story of a young girl in Hawaiʻi who dreams of leading the boys-only hula group at her school, and a teacher who empowers her through traditional culture. This kid-friendly educational film is a great way to get students thinking and talking about the values of diversity and inclusion, the power of knowing your heritage, and how to prevent bullying by creating a school climate of aloha – from their own point of view!

For more information visit their website, and take a look at this 25-minute showcase on A Place in the Middle!

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