NI Unitarian Church Presentation

Shaaron Dominguez 667-7509

Shaaron Dominguez

7:25 AM (15 hours ago)

Zoom Room # 802 179 9256  It will say Pastor Fred’s Room and he will let you in. He opens the room at 10 am and we start promptly at 10:30am.  It would be good for you to join by 10:15am.  Fred will also give you Co-Host status so you can share your computer with everyone.  This would allow video, power point etc.

Click here

to access our Zoom session on Sunday morning.

Start time is 10:30 am.

We will open the Zoom session at 10:00 for check in and start the service promptly at 10:30, ending at 11:30. We can have additional comments and conversation after the service. This will allow us all to hear the full service and to leave at 11:30 if needed.

Please join our virtual Zoom service while we continue to follow safety practices during the pandemic.

All you need to do is click this link
to visit us and enjoy  the service!


Apr 11 2021


10:30 am - 12:00 pm


pending zoom
pending zoom