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As it was the month of February, it was only fitting that the Human Rights Education Institute be adorned with an exhibit from the Civil Rights Movement. We were appreciative to be loaned the exhibition from the M.A. thesis, “Culture and Resistance: Civil Rights Photography in Memphis, 1968,” completed by Leila Hamden. One statement exemplifies what this exhibit depicts: “An abundance of photographs documenting the African American Fight for economic, political, and social justice and equality.”

The exhibit begins with the Sanitation Workers Strike on February 12, of 1968. The strike began after the tragic deaths of two sanitation workers due to a faulty truck.  Sanitation workers in Memphis were subject to poor working conditions and meager wages, and many black citizens in Memphis shared the same grievances of poverty, violence, and police intimidation. The exhibit is comprised of powerful images and stories of picket lines and strikebreakers, defiant youth and strong women in the black community, and littered streets.  The exhibit also showcases the inequalities that existed within the community and the struggle to overcome the brutality of the police, with a final tribute to Martin Luther King.

Credit given to: Preservation and Special Collections, University Libraries, University of Memphis0306151658a0306151659a0306151418 IMG_00001438

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