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Teacher Workshops


We’ve developed a new program for teachers, a series of workshops about incorporating human rights topics into your classrooms. Designed for teachers across grade levels and content areas, the workshops can be applied to Washington state clock hours and Idaho inservice credits. Contact HREI at 208-292-2359 or for information about upcoming workshops.

Collaboration with Student Groups & Clubs

Are you a faculty advisor to a student club or group? Do you want to find a visitor to your class to complement a unit or project? Or are you looking for a unique field trip or outing for your class?

The Human Rights Education Institute can provide collaboration and expertise on cultural diversity and human-rights related topics to student clubs and groups. That can mean helping with or developing projects, providing volunteer and service opportunities, facilitating contacts with other individuals and groups, and even providing a venue for programs. The institute is also available for class visits, and special times, accomodations, and activities can be arranged.

The institute partners with clubs and groups at North Idaho College, for example, and is always looking for collaboration opportunities at area schools, whether they be college-level, K-12, public, private, charter, or a homeschool association. For more information, contact us via email or at 208-292-2359.

Instructional Materials

The HREI Lending Library features a selection of teaching kits — books, posters, DVDs, workbooks and other instructional materials — that we can loan to your classroom. Full teaching kits include:

For other books and materials, browse our library catalog.

Selected Online Resources

Rights of the Child (child-friendly version)

What are Human Rights? These short, powerful videos provide quick overviews of 30 basic human rights.

Opportunities for Educators

If you’re an organization or individual with an opportunity for teachers in our region, we invite you to share information about your event or program here. Contact us to have your information posted.

For more information, please stop by our location (414 W. Fort Grounds Dr., Coeur d'Alene), call 208-292-2359, or email
Hours: 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday
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Unity Day Concert
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