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What is My Name?

Event Date: May 16, 2018
Time: 6 p.m.
Location: HREI

The Lutheran Community Services Northwest of Spokane and the Spokane Regional Trafficking Task Force present “What is My Name?” which brings ten stories from minors who themselves were involved in some type of sex trafficking situation, followed by an eight minute video and a discussion with Q&A. The speaker for this event will be┬áDebbie R. DuPey, a Washington Certified Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, Human Trafficking Educator and Research Associate, and member of the Spokane Crime Victims Service Center/SAFeT Response Center.

Human tracking is a real issue in Spokane. This collection of ten silhouettes represents the stories of individuals who have been sexually exploited through human trafficking or who care about someone who has been exploited. They are compilations of real stories heard over the years by area service providers representing the Spokane Regional Trafficking Task Force. Because human tracking takes place under a cloak of darkness and a conspiracy of silence, and impacts the most vulnerable members of our society, it is difficult to count how many young people and adults have been victimized in the Spokane region.

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