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Mic Drop

Event Date: March 25, 2020
Time: 5:30-8 p.m.
Location: HREI

What do I need to say?  How should I say it?  How do I make it interesting?  What should I do when speaking in public?  What are some things I should avoid doing?  We will answer these questions and offer practical application for approaching public speaking.  Whether you are speaking to 5 or 500, this session will help you to bring a more confident presence to the stage.

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Workshop Presenter

  Jessica Bonar – Advanced Benefits

Meet the Speaker: A believer that there is always more than one solution to solve a problem, Jessica is often referred to as Mom-guyver.  She operates with the belief that attitude is a choice, and can be heard saying, “It’s gonna be amazing” as she makes her choice for positivity known…sometimes just to talk herself into that mindset when it’s not readily available.  Her purpose statement is: I must inspire people with simple solutions to complex problems that will change their life.  Mom of two incredible humans, she loves to spend time with her family more than anything on the planet.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Create a clear list of communication goals for any message, regardless of audience or length of talk.
  2. Discuss non-verbal habits that contribute or detract from your message.
  3. Offer time for each person to present a short message to a small group within the session so they can apply what was learned.
  4. Critique and offer feedback to each participant to allow for personal applicability.
  5. If time allows, allow each person to re-present the new improved version so that they can compare the two and see their personal growth.

Audience: All are welcome.

This workshop is part of the Higher Education Resources and Opportunities (H.E.R.O.) program. The H.E.R.O. program is part of the AmeriCorps VISTA “Better  Futures for Idaho Youth” project that is  sponsored through United Way of North Idaho. The program is designed to work with individuals who are 16 to 25 years old that are struggling with career and college choices. Participants will benefit from the mentorship, tutoring, and workshops the H.E.R.O. program has to offer. Contact us at or (208) 292-2359 to learn more about how we can help you!

For more information, please stop by our location (414 W. Fort Grounds Dr., Coeur d'Alene), call 208-292-2359, or email
Hours: 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday
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