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HREI Spring 2020 Newsletter

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HREI Newsletter

2020 View our HREI Spring 2020 Newsletter and upcoming events. 2019 View our HREI Newsletter and Program Guide for 2019. 2018 View our HREI Newsletter for Spring 2018.

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Podcast: Lisa Manning on Anti-Bullying

Lisa Manning talks anti-bullying in the Coeur d’Alene School District with guests Marilyn Muehlbach & Bill Rutherford to discuss: History & funding of Anti-Bullying Program What’s working and what isn’t Anti-Bullying Program/Training

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Nelson Mandela: Fighter, leader, peacemaker

Recently, the world’s attention has turned to the health of Nelson Mandela, the vaunted anti-Apartheid fighter and former president of South Africa. Mandela was born and lived much of his life in a South Africa dramatically different than it is today, a testament to his own courage, tenacity and leadership. South Africa’s history is marked […]

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New children’s book promotes peace

Little green men. City-destroying monsters. Ominous humanoids with ill intent. Many of our culture’s books and movies showcase the dark side of space visitation, but extraterrestrial contact needn’t always be violent and scary. Sometimes alien encounters can bring us earthlings a positive message that really needs to be heard. Devi Fournier, author of the new […]

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What is genocide, and what can we do about it?

Genocide: It’s a term we’ve all likely heard, often emerging in debates about current events. Should this or that atrocity be considered genocide? If so, what does that mean? Once we’ve decided to define an action or set of actions as genocide, what can we do to stop it, or, failing that, to prevent it […]

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Fourth Annual Diversity Symposium

We would like to invite the North Idaho community to the 4th Annual Diversity Symposium at North Idaho College on Tuesday, April 16

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