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Ghandi’s Social Sins (No Longer Available)

These pieces represent the seven deadly social sins as explained by Arun Gandhi of Mohandas Gandhi. Seven different art pieces with seven different local artists behind them—one for each social sin. This exhibit departed summer 2020 and is now traveling the nation.

The Seven Deadly Social Sins, explained by Arun Gandi of Mohandes Gandi

Ghandi’s Social Sins (title piece) by Donna Bain
1. Knowledge without Character by Austin Stiegemeier
2.  Science without Humanity by Marci Wing (6th/7th Grade classroom at Canfield Middle School 2011)
3.  Wealth without Work by Harold Balazs (no longer displayed)
4.  Pleasure without Conscience by Mary Dee Dodge
5.  Commerce without Morality by Allen Dodge
6. Worship without Sacrifice by Joan Smith
7.  Politics without Principle by Barb Mueller
8. Rights without Responsibility by Rhea Giffin

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