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Fill out this form to nominate your hero or you can print and mail this to HREI at 414 W Fort Grounds Drive, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814.

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How has this nominee become a leader of human rights within and/or beyond their community?

How has this nominee expanded the understanding of human rights to learners, colleagues, or the community?

How does this person live out their human rights values in their everyday life, making a difference in the world?

What are the qualities in that person that you admire and respect?

How does this individual, by their words and deeds, give respect to everyone they meet regardless of any differences?

Additional supporting information that you believe important for the Awards Committee to consider as they make their decisions

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Fourth Annual Diversity Symposium

We would like to invite the North Idaho community to the 4th Annual Diversity Symposium at North Idaho College on Tuesday, April 16

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